WeatherCall now offers a complete range of warning notification services:

For Home

WeatherCall@Home gives users the quickest and most precise severe weather warning notifications to protect their homes and families.

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For Business

WeatherCall Enterprise delivers customized severe weather warning notifications to provide the best protection for customers and employees.

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For Mobile

WeatherCall Mobile and WeatherCall Lightning monitor your smartphone's location to provide severe weather warning notification no matter where you are.

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For Mobile

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WeatherCall delivers site-specific, rapid notifications of official National Weather Service severe weather warnings to any type of phone, SMS text, or email address, 24 hours a day.

If severe weather arrives in the middle of the night, a telephone call or an SMS text alert may be the critical link to waking you up to take immediate protective action.

An improvement in how the National Weather Service defines warning areas has resulted in significantly higher accuracy and smaller warned areas, compared to the decades-old county-wide warning method. The WeatherCall System is continuously monitoring the National Weather Service's NOAA weatherwire. Using GIS (geographical information systems), WeatherCall compares your specific location to the location of the warning area. When a severe weather warning includes a subscriber's location, the system immediately calls the user's telephone and delivers a specific warning message. If you are a local broadcast TV station hosting WeatherCall in your market, this message is the voice of a member of YOUR WEATHER TEAM, directing the subscriber to turn on YOUR station if it is safe to do so for more detailed, immediate information. The system can also send SMS text messages or an email with the warning polygon displayed on an interactive Google map.

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